Brief information for parents

The task of raising children to be socially responsible people lies with the parents. This important right is enshrined in the Basic Law. By parents, we mean the custodians of all children and young people who attend our school.

However, the school shares this responsibility for the education and upbringing of children and teenagers. For us at Georg-Weerth-School, it is essential to ensure the well-being of our students in a partnership with the parents.

The participation of parents is part of a vital democracy and a school in the rule of law. Active particicipation makes a democracy. This is the obligation on both sides to work together in mutual respect.

As a school, we are constantly evolving to meet our high standards of educational fairness, participation, transparency, quality and effectiveness in the best possible way.

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The Georg-Weerth-School is an Integrated Secondary School (ISS) with a focus on social learning and media education.

A total of 50 teachers and six school social workers support around 450 students.

We are a diverse community with an active school life.

Our compulsory electives and our all-day program offer the opportunity and opportunity to learn and develop skills and abilities and to discover new interests.